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23 October 2014 @ 03:53 pm
Цукерберг приехал в Китай и говорил по-китайски  

Основатель и глава Фейсбука Марк Цукерберг (https://www.facebook.com/zuck) приехал в Китай, где у него была встреча со студентами местного университета.
И он провёл всю встречу, говоря на китайском.

Не знаю как вы, а я впечатлён. Конечно, у него жена китаянка, тёща не знает другого языка, кроме китайского, но тем не менее.

Видео - https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10101708164336771&set=vb.4&type=2&theater

Видно, что аудитория была впечатлена тоже. Причём Цукерберг не просто разговаривал, он ещё шутил (те, кто серьезно относится к иностранным языкам, знает, как это непросто - шутить на чужом языке) и китайцы реагировали очень живо, часто смеялись.

Один из комментаторов в Фейсбуке заметил:
- Цукерберг 30 минут отвечал на вопросы на китайском языке. Он выучил китайский, руководя компанией. А что делаешь ты? Сидишь в Фейсбуке весь день...

Update: посмотрите комментарии, которые дал vovachan внизу, включая частичный перевод диалога, интересно.
無名氏vovachan on October 26th, 2014 03:47 pm (UTC)
MC: When did you want to network the world?
Mark: In 2004 I started Facebook because I wanted to connect Harvard students. I thought there should be a product to connect the world, but that other companies would do this. ... I told my friends I was very happy to connect students but that there one day should be a product to connect the world. But I was just a college student. Google and others. They have 10,000 or more employees and customers. We are just college students. But we always believed social media is very important. Other companies didn't believe. We believed. That's why we founded. Now we have 1.3B customers.
MC: Many students here want to be entrepreneurs. What advice do you have?
Mark: I believe that the best companies are founded not because founders want to be founders, but because the founders want to change the world. (clapping) If you decide to found a company, you maybe develop one way of thinking. But you have many options. You don't know which one to take. If you take the wrong one, your company fail. But if you choose to change the world, you will have many more options. ... [note-I didn't understand what he meant here]
MC: Good advice. Find a good option then found the company. What did you learn out of Facebook?
Mark: You cannot quit. Founding a company is really hard. Most things are not easy. You will make hard decisions. If you don't believe your mission, quitting is easy. Most of the best entrepreneurs won't quite, they believe in their mission. This is really important.
MC: You are one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. What do you think of China's innovation?
Mark: China has some of the most innovative companies. Yesterday I ate a meal with Xiaomi's founder. (gasps) Xiaomi is very innovative and quickly developed products. Its products are cheap. Most Chinese people use Weixin, QQ. Taobao is also innovative and created many jobs. China has some of the most innovative companies.
MC: Mark feels good about Chinese innovation. I need to ask a sensitive question. What is Facebook's plan in China?
Mark: We are already in China. (laughing) We help Chinese companies reach global audiences through advertising. Lenovo uses Facebook ads to sell products to Indonesians. [note- may have gotten this wrong]. We want other regions to connect to China. We can help distribute Chinese culture.
MC: It's great that he can answer such a difficult question. Let's relax and ask personal questions.
MC: What color do you like.
Mark: I can't say Red or green. Because Facebook is blue.
What Chinese dish do you like?
Mark: In Beijing I eat a lot of small dishes (appetisers) and Beijing Duck.
MC: Outside of work, what do interests do you have?
Mark: I don't have anything outside work. I cook for Priscilla.
We have a dog called Beast. He is very cute.
MC: You made a page for Beast?
Mark: I made a page for Beast. Beast has 2,000,000 fans.
MC: Who has better Chinese, Priscilla or you?
Mark: My Mandarin vocabulary is bigger, but she also speaks Mandarin. Her listening is better than mine. Mine is really bad. One day I asked her why my listening is so bad. She said my English listening is ALSO bad! (laughing)
Q&A section not translated